[dropcap3 variation=”red”]T[/dropcap3]he Society intend to emphasize the importance of this essential part of its scientific meeting. The presentation of research studies related to the mentioned field, communicating their result is much appreciated.
[titled_box title=”Submission Closing Dateline: 2 (Two) Months BEFORE Event Date!”]ALL ABSTRACTS MUST BE SUBMITTED via [fancy_link link=”https://geoconvex.com/events-how-to/abstract-submission-form/” variation=”yellow”]ABSTRACT SUBMISSON FORM[/fancy_link]. Read down the instruction and submit your FREE PAPER ABSTRACT SUBMISSION by filling in the submission form provided and upload your file from your local PC. Please also note that allowed in file formats are: .doc/.docx, .pdf, or .ppt[/titled_box]


Abstracts are to be submitted in either English or Indonesians via FREE PAPER ABSTRACT SUBMISSON FORM provided in this website.

  1. Fill in the event reference with event’s name/title.
  2. Complete your personal data in required fields.
  3. Upload your file from your local computer. Allowed file formats are: .doc, .docx, .pdf, .ppt or .zip.
  4. Verify the captcha code required to send/submit the form.
  5. Review your submission and click “submit”.


  1. No abstracts will be considered after the closing dateline.
  2. Abstracts submitted by email, fax, or mail will NOT be accepted or acknowledged.
  3. All abstracts must be submitted in paragraphs. Place a single blank line between paragraph :
  4. Abstracts are typed in Arial font size 11 with single spacing, all typing must fit within the lines (Justify) and leave no margin at the top of left side.
  5. Place single blank line between the names of all authors to start the beginning of the text.
    • Title, Author’s names and Institutional Affiliation:
      • All authors should give all names & presenting author’s name must be underlined
      • Type the names all of authors immediately below the Title, a blank line is not necessary.
      • Institutional Affiliation city and country are necessary and must follow directly after the name of the authors.
    • Title: Must be short and specific. Type in sentence format (with one capital at beginning), in bold font.
    • Introduction: The first sentence(s) should state the hypothesis, purpose, or specific objective of the study.
    • Methods: Briefly describe the study design, patients or subjects, procedures, and measurements.
    • Results: A summary of the results should be provided with relevant data.
    • Conclusion(s): The abstract should close with a brief statement of the conclusion(s).
    • Reference(s): List first author only followed by et al. Then journal name, volume, page range and year of publication.
    • Table/Figure: A maximum of 2 tables and 2 figures can be included to illustrate the results.
  6. The total length of the abstract (names, affiliations, text, tables and figures) must not exceed 3000 characters (including spaces). Each abstract can include a maximum of 2 Tables and 2 Figures (but remember that these will reduce the character count available for your abstract text).
  7. Cite all figures and tables in text, Cite all reference in text using numbers thus [1]
  8. Define all abbreviations. Abbreviations should be used only for common terms. For uncommon terms, the abbreviations should be given in brackets after the first full use of the word.



  • Submissions will be acknowledged by email.
  • Submitted abstracts will be examined by members of the Scientific Committee upon quality, clarity, and relevance for the audience, as well as the significance of the paper.
  • The submitting author of an accepted abstract will be notified of acceptance or rejection by email.
  • Accepted abstracts must be presented in the form of Oral Presentation at the Event on scheduled date and time.
  • Oral Presentation schedule will be emailed a week before scheduled.


Revised abstracts is allowed for one time only and should be clearly stated as the subject of email and received to be final evaluated by the Scientific Committee. Withdrawal/changes will not be possible after the above corresponding date.


  • Abstracts accepted for Oral/Poster Presentations will appear in the Abstract Book. In order for abstract to be published, the presenter must fulfill appropriate Registration Fee in term of administrative purpose.
  • The Organizing Committee has a right reserve to edit the format of abstract due to the printing task for publication in terms of uniformity purpose.


All the scientific Free Paper presentation will be pre-sided by a Panel of Judges

  • The paper winners presented will be awarded the cash basis prizes.
  • The result of the winning presentations will be announced on the scheduled date and time at the event

All the Presenters are expected to attend in the ballroom on time.

Kindly click [fancy_link link=’https://geoconvex.com/events-how-to/abstract-submission-form/’]Freepaper Abstract Submission Form[/fancy_link] here to submit your freepaper abstract.