[fancy_header variation=”green”]From Our Website[/fancy_header]

  • Download the PDF file of the updated “Announcement” by visiting and click further to mentioned related event.
  • Find the last pages of the Announcement to print the Registration Form for fax purpose. You may also save the soft copy in your personal computer for your perusal.

[fancy_header variation=”green”]From Our Secretariat[/fancy_header]

  • You may get the soft/hard copy of the Announcement to be delivered to your email/home address by sending the request to or SMS to +62 811 88 2080.

How to Register

[fancy_header variation=”orange”]Online Registration[/fancy_header]

  1. Information of the On-Line Registration is provided in the mentioned related event when you get into the event’s page.
  2. Look into and click further to mentioned related event. Read through to the section/page and click to do “On-Line Registration & Payment”.
    PS: For registering without instant on-line payment, please contact our secretariat for further information.
  3. Fill-in and complete the required fields with your personal data and click to proceed your payment directly through the secured payment page.
  4. Once you settled the registration and payment online with your credit card you will get the “Registration Code” as your reference.
    PS: For participant, whose interested also to participate in the Free Paper programme, the registration code is compulsory to be filled-in when complete and submit your Free Paper abstract by on-line.

[fancy_header variation=”orange”]Registration via Fax (Recommended for Domestic Participants Only)[/fancy_header]

  1. Complete the Registration Form to the secretariat Fax number +62 21 2931 5471 along with proof of payment (e.g. copy of bank transfer slip). Photocopied forms are acceptable.
  2. Payment Proof is strongly recommended to be done along with your Registration Form faxed submission.
  3. The Registration Form will not be acknowledged until the appropriate Payment Proof has been received to the Secretariat by Fax to +62 21 2931 5471 as soon as possible, following the Registration Form submission.
  4. You may bring your payment proof to proceed at the Re-Registration counter. Essentially, the name tag issued is an initial confirmation of registrants. Fax of an official receipt is upon request to Secretariat address at +62 21 2931 5470.

Registration Payment

[fancy_header]A. BANK TRANFER[/fancy_header]
Bank transfer is strongly recommended rather than any other payment method. See event bank account in the mentioned Announcement.
[highlight2 variation=”yellow”]Bank remittance must be paid by registrant, otherwise the registration receipt or badge will not be issued due to the less payment[/highlight2].

[fancy_header]B. PAYMENT USING SECURED PAYPAL® PAGE[/fancy_header]
Find the safer and easier way to make your registration payment without exposing your credit card or bank account number by using PayPal® (only use a valid Credit or Debit Card). [highlight2 variation=”yellow”]The payment using the secured page is ONLY available by on-line registration.[/highlight2]

[fancy_header]C. CASH TO SECRETARIAT ADDRESS[/fancy_header]
Cash can be paid directly to the Secretariat Address(s). [highlight2 variation=”yellow”]Cash payment is ONLY valid for domestic participant.[/highlight2]

[fancy_header]D. ON SITE PAYMENT[/fancy_header]

  • On site payment with Bank Notes IDR/USD, or Bank Drafts, shall be brought upon arrival and to be drawn on Indonesia Bank. The Bank Draft is to be made payable to “GEO convex”. Please indicate your “On Site Payment” remark on the registration form. [highlight2 variation=”yellow”]On site payment is ONLY valid for conference registration, NOT eligible for workshops nor rooms.[/highlight2]
  • Payment by Credit Card with EDC Machine will only be provided at the venue hotel by signing your authorization and the Credit Card transaction charges will be applied based on venue hotel’s regulation. The Organizing Committee holds no responsibility for any exchange rates applied by the Credit Card vendor when the statement converted into local currency.

Registration Confirmation

  1. Registered participants will receive Registration Official Receipt (upon request) after the fees have been cashed and effectively in the Event bank account.
  2. Registered Participants are strongly suggested to make Re-Confirmation due to incoming facsimiles and/or payment made to our Registration Division.

Domestic Participant: Fax To: +62 21 2931 5471 ; Reconfirm To: +62 21 2931 5470 (Hunting) Mobile: +62 811 88 2080 | +62 819 88 2080
Overseas Participant: Fax To +62 21 2931 5471 ; Reconfirm To +62 21 2931 5470 (Hunting)
Registration re-confirmation especially for Course/Workshop and/or Room Reservation are a must due the availability of space. Organizing Committee reserve the right not to guarantee any unconfirmed Course/Workshop registration at the Event and the payment made will be returned by bank transfer only to the Payer Bank Account after the event.

Notification: For group registration from pharmaceutical companies as payers may contact the Secretariat email address for specific procedure.

Cancellation And Refund Policy

Notification of Registration cancellation for scientific symposium must be made in writing or emailed to the Secretariat. Registration Fee is refundable with the following cancellation policy:

  • One month before event – 50% refund of Fee paid
  • On and After the date – No refund
  • No Show registration can not be refunded.


  • Hotel room rate is net for room only.
  • Please note that official check-in time is 14.00 local time and check-out time is 12.00 local time. Approval of early check-in and late check-out is at discretion of the hotel.
  • No reservation will be made without full deposit of nights booking due to room availability.
  • Any changes and cancellations regarding to room reservation in pre-registration period must be done in writing to the Secretariat at least 168 hours prior to arrival. After the date, guaranteed payment for 1 night will be charged.
  • No Show will be applied on the first night for delayed or postpone staying that causes the loss of 1 night room deposit made.
  • In the event of materialization, the hotel will charge the full amount duration of stay upon check-out that causes the loss of mentioned deposit made.

[colored_box]Refund may only be made after the event by bank transfer. Official letter should be submitted to Secretariat address mentioning its payer’s Bank Account.[/colored_box]